Our Innovation Fast Start Program® is a step-by-step program that make innovation stick.


In just 6-weeks, you will go from measuring your current innovation performance to increasing employee-wide focus on innovation.







Who is this for? People who are responsible for leading strategy, innovation, or organisational culture in their organisation. This includes Management Team Representatives, Innovation Managers, or HR Managers. Have a different role to the ones listed? Ask us.

Why now? The ability to solve problems faster, increase value for customers, attract the best talent, and seize more innovative opportunities is critical to business success. There has never been a more critical time to increase employee-wide focus on innovation. The world is changing at an unprecedented pace with local and global events impacting economic volatility without notice. Markets shift with consumer needs, and products and services quickly become outdated as technology advances. Will your organisation continue to be competitive?

Is this program right for you? This program is designed for you if would like to increase leadership commitment to innovation, drive accountability by cascading the strategic goals across the teams, and increase employee-wide focus on innovation.

The Innovation Fast Start Program is flexible to work with your schedule. This step-by-step program includes practical action-based activities that help you focus on the right areas. During the program, you will receive our exclusive Fast Start Innovation Framework® that maps the pathway to success along with access to weekly outcome-based coaching that supports you throughout the program, so that you get results.

Innovation is the only proven method to remain competitive and continuously generate high-value products and services to respond to customer and market needs.

Watch this video now to see why innovation is critical to your business success.

Susan Palmer, Innovation Culture & Change Consultant says “Our step-by-step system eliminates barriers and red tape to innovation and increases employee-wide focus on innovation. There is no other program like this that fast tracks the results we get in 6-weeks.”

Tangible Results

We work with you to optimise your success and support you to achieve tangible results.

Measure your current innovation performance so that you know where to improve

Identify areas of opportunity, so that you focus on the right things

Increase leadership commitment to innovation so that you build alignment between innovation and the business strategy

Learn what areas drive innovation so that you understand how to eliminate barriers and red tape to innovation

Increase employee-wide focus on innovation so that you reinforce the innovation behaviour and results you want to see

Drive accountability across teams so that you the rest of the company is on the same page

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