What We Do

I help forward-thinking business leaders increase employee-wide focus on innovation, so that they solve problems faster, increase value for customers, attract the best talent, and seize more innovative opportunities.





Our clients trust us to solve complex problems

  • Are you stuck in survival mode, just trying to keep up with shifting priorities, the pace of change, and strategic priorities?
  • Do you have leaders that lack the knowledge on how to break through the current workforce limitations?
  • Does your company need to increase value for the customer to grow market share?
  • Are your current workplace systems and processes, limiting your ability to innovate?

If you answered YES to any of the above, discover how we can help you. 

Our Approach

I use more than 12 years of strategic insights to eliminate barriers and red tape to innovation, and increase employee-wide focus on innovation. The global standard of innovation management shapes our exclusive Culture Tap frameworks, tools, and resources.

The Culture Tap

When you create a work environment that supports innovation, you will have a solid foundation to solve problems faster, increase value for the customer, grow your bottom line, and make a positive impact in the world.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to inspire every workplace to foster a culture that supports innovation and benefits everyone involved – employees, customers, partners and the community.




Take Your Business to the Next Level and Make Innovation Stick

Innovative companies are proactive rather than reactive and lead the way in their industry. They solve problems faster, increase value for customers, attract the best talent, and seize more innovative opportunities. If you’re serious about increasing your focus on innovation, then get in touch.


Ask How We Can Help You…

  • Optimise Structures for Innovation
  • Attract, Recruit & Retain the Right People
  • Build Diverse Team
  • Engage & Empower People in Innovation
  • Connect Employees to the Company Vision and Purpose
  • Promote Continuous Learning and Knowledge Sharing
  • Build Creative Thinking
  • Encourage Collaboration at All Levels
  • Promote Shared Leadership
  • Foster a Culture that Supports Innovation
  • Develop Innovation Leadership Competencies

How We Promote Economic Development

  • We help business owners grow and expand their business.
  • We empower employees to drive innovation.
  • We promote diversity & inclusiveness of different people, disciplines, and perspectives.
  • We encourage companies to collaborate with other businesses to build commercial partnerships and opportunities.